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M.A. Candidate, Mental Health Counseling


A previous career in brand storytelling exposed Callum to how reshaping the stories we tell about things can fundamentally change how they’re experienced. He believes the same is true of our lives, which prompted him to seek a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling at Antioch University. Callum’s understanding of the power of storytelling has led to his frequent use of narrative therapy to empower clients to reposition what led them here and structure their next chapters more freely. In combination with internal family systems and motivational interviewing, Callum uncovers what once may have helped but now holds back. He also works with clients to address conflicting feelings that can otherwise leave clients spinning their wheels despite knowing what they truly want.

Through a therapeutic environment that progresses at a pace that is comfortable for you, Callum can help you process anxiety, depression, grief/loss, trauma, relationship issues, and that general feeling of stuckness in the face of life transitions. These transitions are of particular interest to Callum, including working with young people experiencing a “failure to launch” into a world which has changed faster than the support it provides them. Additionally, he is keenly interested in helping those of all ages battling substance abuse. Being in long-term recovery himself, he delights in helping others achieve the same, in whatever way works best for them—harm reduction or total abstinence—and has experience facilitating evidence-based intensive outpatient recovery groups.

Callum Jordan M.A. Candidate, Mental Health Counseling Insight Mental Health Group



  • Depression/anxiety

  • Addiction

  • Young adults

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