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High Fives


Nadia Amjoun

Nadia recognizes that each person's journey is unique and believes everyone should have the power of autonomy in the therapeutic process. She is committed to providing individualized therapy that respects and responds to the diverse experiences of her clients. She is currently a telehealth only provider.

Lori Anselmi-Snyder, LMHC Insight Mental Health Group Therapist

Lori is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist (LMHC) who helps create a therapeutic space where others can explore and navigate their experiences and emotional depths. In this space, there is opportunity to recognize the joys and challenges of existence and pull to the surface what thoughts and beliefs we may have formed along the way that no longer serve us.

Lore Aschoff

Lore’s therapeutic orientation is trauma-informed and rooted in internal family systems, collaborative therapy, attachment theory, and somatic therapy. A proud and grateful member of the LGBTQIA2S+ community, Lore is honored to work with queer, trans, gender expansive, questioning individuals and their families. 

Ivy Beck

Ivy is an empathetic, curious, humorous, and personable counselor. She tailors her approach to your needs and believes that one size does not fit all. She is interested in interpersonal neurobiology and helps clients understand why they feel and behave the way they do and how to change or accept what is not working for them. She is currently a telehealth only provider.

Courtney Bell CEO, M.A., LMFT, CMHS  | Insight Mental Health Group Therapist

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Courtney’s goal is to help individuals and couples experience healthier and happier lives and relationships by providing them with a safe and accepting space to navigate and overcome the challenges they're facing.

Vanessa Daiger, M.A. Candidate, Mental Health Counseling  | Insight Mental Health Group Therapist

Vanessa believes in the power of connection and the relationships between client and therapist, the self, and our world. She works with clients of all ages. Vanessa believes you are the expert on yourself and supports seeking the answers you hold inside you.

Nina Erichsen, LMFT, CCATP | Insight Mental Health Group Therapist

We are all seeking a life of happiness, love, satisfaction and hope for the future, but sometimes the demands and stresses of day-to-day life can leave us feeling less fulfilled and disconnected from the ones we love. Sometimes we all need to pause for a minute, re-evaluate, reassess and reconnect with purpose.

Julie Gall, LICSW | Insight Mental Health Group Therapist

Julie meets her clients with compassion, non-judgment and an invitation to share their unique, inner life. As a clinical social worker, Julie supports her clients in moving toward ease amidst life’s struggles. Working together may include uncovering resilience, exploring the emotional experience, and strengthening relationships. She is currently a telehealth only provider.

Daesoleil Peterson Henry, LMFTA | Insight Mental Health Group Therapist

Daesoleil is a Marriage and Family Therapy Associate who strives to create a supportive, authentic, and challenging environment for her clients. Daesoleil believes that individuals are shaped by their families, society, and experiences. Daesoleil has spent the last several years working with children, teens, and their families. 

Alisha Hires, LMFTA  | Insight Mental Health Group Therapist

Alisha is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate, who thrives in helping others reach their fullest potential. She believes that counseling provides us with the opportunity to connect with and see our ideal self. Alisha is passionate about providing an open and supportive environment, allowing each person to be their authentic self without the fear of being judged or ridiculed. She is currently a telehealth only provider.

Gary Hole, LMFTA | Insight Mental Health Group Therapist

Gary respects and values clients while they educate him about who they are and how they arrived at their present situation. He compassionately helps clients develop insight and clarity into the issues they are seeking help for. Gary supports clients in making choices towards taking responsibility in resolving their pain and/or conflict. Gary has been providing professional counseling for over 10 years now.

Elizabeth Jones, LMFTA  | Insight Mental Health Group Therapist

Elizabeth believes therapy is a collaborative process. There is nobody who knows what is right for you, or what works best for you, better than you. Elizabeth's goal is to help support you in the process of achieving your goals by using your strengths, listening to what you want, offering a roadmap, and teaching you useful tools to get there. Elizabeth has always been drawn to connecting with people

Paige Mullins, Clinical Director | LICSW | Insight Mental Health Group Therapist | Insight Mental Health Group Therapist | Clinical Social Worker

Paige, a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW), hopes to offer an exploration of hurts, challenges, and stressors while attending to the whole self, which includes honoring each person’s unique experience, self-determination, self-expression, and growth. 

Shana Rittenhouse LMHCA, NCC  | Insight Mental Health Group Therapist

As a Licensed Mental Health Counseling Associate, Shana brings empathy, kindness, encouragement, and humor to her sessions. She honors each person’s unique personality, and focuses on their strengths, empowering clients to live their most fulfilling life. 

Suparna Venna, LMHCA  | Insight Mental Health Group Therapist

With an MS degree in Professional Counseling, and an Associate License in Mental Health Counseling, Suparna is dedicated to helping individuals and families overcome challenges related to mental health and well-being. She is currently a telehealth only provider.

Chelsea Wilkes LMFTA | Insight Mental Health Group Therapist

Chelsea is a Couples and Family Therapy Associate with a passion for helping individuals, couples, and families build stronger and more fulfilling relationships. She creates a safe and supportive space for her clients to explore their emotions, understand their relational patterns, and foster positive change.

Bria Wright, LMHCA |  | Insight Mental Health Group Therapist

Bria has experience working with adolescents and adults struggling with depression, anxiety and general distress regarding life transitions. She is especially passionate about providing services to clients who identify as racial and ethnic minorities, young adults, and individuals struggling with mood disorders. She is currently a telehealth only provider.

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