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High Fives


Courtney Bell CEO, M.A., LMFT, CMHS

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Courtney’s goal is to help individuals and couples experience healthier and happier lives and relationships by providing them with a safe and accepting space to navigate and overcome the challenges they're facing.

Nina Erichsen, LMFTA | Insight Mental Health Group

We are all seeking a life of happiness, love, satisfaction and hope for the future, but sometimes the demands and stresses of day-to-day life can leave us feeling less fulfilled and disconnected from the ones we love. Sometimes we all need to pause for a minute, re-evaluate, reassess and reconnect with purpose.

Julie Gall, LICSW | Insight Mental Health Group

Julie meets her clients with compassion, non-judgment and an invitation to share their unique, inner life. As a clinical social worker, Julie supports her clients in moving toward ease amidst life’s struggles. Working together may include uncovering resilience, exploring the emotional experience, and strengthening relationships.

Amy Hersh LMHCA | Insight Mental Health Group Therapist

Amy aims to provide a grounded, authentic, and empowering presence for clients of all identities to grow and heal through connection and self exploration. She works collaboratively to support clients in deconstructing harmful internalized messages, exploring identity, processing experiences of trauma, and managing relational and personal challenges.

Gary Hole, LMFTA | Insight Mental Health Group

Gary respects and values clients while they educate him about who they are and how they arrived at their present situation. He compassionately helps clients develop insight and clarity into the issues they are seeking help for. Gary supports clients in making choices towards taking responsibility in resolving their pain and/or conflict.

Jessica Jasper, LSWAIC, SUDPT, CTP | Insight Mental Health Group

Jessica’s approach to therapy is collaborative and compassionate, meeting the client where they are at in their current journey and focusing on helping them reach their identified goals. She has experience working with adults (18 and up).


Elizabeth is a Marriage and Family Therapy intern who believes that therapy is a collaborative process. There is nobody who knows what is right for you, or what works best for you, better than you.


With an MS degree in Professional Counseling, and an Associate License in Mental Health Counseling, Suparna is dedicated to helping individuals and families overcome challenges related to mental health and well-being.

Chelsea Wilkes MFT Intern | Insight Mental Health Group

As a Couple and Family Therapy Intern, Chelsea aims to provide a safe and accepting space that supports healing through warmth, compassion and empathy. She enjoys supporting couples, families and individuals in reaching their therapeutic and personal goals.

Madeline Wilson, LMHC, SUDP, ATR

Madeline (She/Her) believes in holistic healing which includes building a mind and body connection. Madeline’s approach to therapy is collaborative, warm, compassionate, and empowering. 

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